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FSHOW2018- You can’t miss
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●Face-to-face ---- Meeting with over 33,000 agrochemical purchasers from 120 countries& regions
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●Large in scale -- World’s largest and most influential agrochemical exhibition with 75,000 sqm exhibiting space and 1,300 exhibitors)pJ"S2X.CG/cK8p
●Professional -----World’s top exhibition hall with professional stand arrangement and detailed purchaser databasewUd2W*z/M2J-K/S
●Authority --------- CAC & FSHOW have been certificated by UFI (Union of International Fairs), FSHOW is the only fertilizer show certificated by UFI in China/u$i*K:]F_pc
●Promotion --------With the help of CAC global agrochemical exhibitions and conferences, world famous fertilizer magazines and websites and FSHOW we-media, we'll provide you with infinite business opportunities jtob^&z
●Exhibition Combines with Professional Conferences
-------We will hold several high-end professional conferences and new products release conference. 
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9th China International Fertilizer Show
Fertilizer Zone of 19th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition
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