CAC2016 & FSHOW2016 were held on 9-11, March, 2016 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The whole exhibiting space reached 62,000 sqm with 1,075 exhibitors from more than 22 countries & regions that reached the historic highest record of FSHOW. And 28,455 professional visitors from over 100 countries.

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International Fertilizer Development and Trade Conferencewas held during FSHOW2016 with more than 200 representatives. Many industry magnates were present, such as HAIFA, SINO-ARAB, SABIC, VALAGRO, BASF, FMC, YUNTIANHUA GROUP. The form of the conference was theme forums + guest interviews and simultaneous interpretation in English and Chinese throughout the conference. Home and abroad experts and enterprise delegates analyzed relevant policy, discussed fertilizer development, the global fertilizer market and usage. 8C6SWY2U0xr$J


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4th CAC awards was held on 8th Marchwith concurrent CAC2016 banquet, 11 enterprises acquired “2015 EXCELLENT FERTILIZER EXPORTERS”, such as SINOCHEM, LUXI GROUP, KINGENTA etc. 10 enterprises acquired “CAC 2016 Recommended Fertilizer Suppliers”, such as SQM, HUBEI FUBANG etc. SICHUAN OLLIANCE and HUMATE (TIANJIN) acquired “2015 Oversea Market Expansion Award”.

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2016 China International Fertilizer New Products & New Technique Release "Conference was held in the afternoon, 9-10th, March in conference Zone in HALL N5. There were more than 10 enterprises releasing their new technology and products. All seats were occupied!


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9th China International Fertilizer Show
Fertilizer Zone of 19th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition
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