Exhibition News » LUXI Group continue to attend FSHOW 2017 with 144 sqms exhibition space.
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LUXI Group is established in 1992 with its origin as Luxi Fertilizer Plant. In 1998, Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. was founded and went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the stock code 000830. With a total asset of 22 billion RMB and over 13,000 employees, LUXI Group is involved in many industrial fields such as Chemical, Fertilizer, Chemical Equipment, New Energy Equipment, Chemical Engineering Design, R&D and Finance. It has established a state-level technical center and got dozens of honors like China Labor Award and China Chemical Technology Innovation Model Enterprise.Upholding the concept of safe, green and cyclic development, LUXI Group endeavors to build a new material industrial park with LUXI features: integration, intensification and clusterization. At present, the chemical industrial park coversan area of 7 square kilometers. Complete product chains of coal chemical, salt chemical, fluorine and silicon chemical, as well as petrochemical are established. The park is currently named as China New Chemical Material Industrial Park (Liaocheng) by China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF).In the next decade, we are committed to the construction and development of the park. We insist on upgrading the devices, products and industrial chains, improving safety and environmental protection facilities, and the overall operational quality and profitability. In the planning area of 11 square kilometers, around the state-level academic exchange center we are going to construct six industrial zones: polyurethane materials industry zone, chemical fiber materials industry zone, fluorine-silicon materials industry zone, household-electronics- pharmaceutical chemicals industry zone,equipment manufacturing industry zone, storage and logistics zone. Ou4Rl3q*]

.Pd5Z*Mn0 Luxi Group will always insist on the foundation of fine management and technology innovation, actively develop international cooperation and overseas branches, in order to construct a large modern international enterprise. ;LsHg(?e~W jj

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