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A new era of biological fertilizer against mites

release time:2020-09-22

On September 10, 2020, CHICO Crop Science Co., Ltd. series products coosa, Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer, NPK Suspension Liquid Fertilizer, etc. have achieved very good results in the main citrus planting area of Yichang City, Hubei Province. They were full of praise and expressed their gratitude for bringing them good products. The smiles of the growers reveal the joy of the harvest. The farmers’ harvest is an affirmation of CHICO and the practice of CHICO’s philosophy. As CHICO people, we are well aware that under the action of a good soil environment with efficient fertilizers and biopesticides, crops yield and quality can be guaranteed, and we have been working on this road these years.


Introduce the above 3 products: 

COOSA: A new era of biological fertilizer against mites


COOSA is a multi-functional fertilizer that has a significant effect against the red spider, yellow spider, rust spider, aphids and whiteflies etc. It contains unique bacterial strains and biological stimulants. The mode of action is that, the unique bacterial strains in COOSA are capable of producing extraspore active protein (lipase) which can quickly dissolve and destroy the wax on the surface of mites body, with synergistic action of multiple efficient biological stimulants, the mites become deactivated, shocked, dehydrated, and irreversibly damaged eventually.

COOSA is rich in a variety of humic acids, peptides, and many beneficial trace elements such as Zn, Mn, Mg, Fe, Mo and Boron. It can regulate the sub-health condition of crops, reduce leaf yellowing and premature senescence of crops, and increase the chlorophyll content to greatly improve the yield. With complete water solubility, comprehensive nutrition and fast absorption by crops, COOSA is a high-quality drip irrigation and foliar fertilizer.


COOSA has three major features in controlling pests: 1. Fast Knock; 2. Zero-Pesticide; 3. No Resistance.


COOSA also has three features when used as fertilizer

(1).Maximize crop quality and yield

(2).Increase nutrient uptake efficiency

(3).Improve crop stress tolerance


COOSA is starting a new era of fighting mites with bio fertilizer instead of pesticides, and it has creatively solved the problem of mites control together with crop nutrition supplement for global growers.


Pure Plant Source & High Silicon Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer


Chico Amino Acid Organic fertilizer, is to use high technology development of a new type of soybean amino acid organic fertilizer, selects the high quality soybean meal as raw material, by microbial fermentation twice, depth hydrolysis (protein decomposition rate more than 70%), rich in organic matter, protein, pure plant source of amino acids and silicon, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements, beneficial particles dissolve speed, very suitable for used as fertilizers, and can greatly enhance the absorption of crops to the fertilizer utilization ratio and improve soil structure, good quality and high yield of crop. Aquaculture can make fish fat, purify water quality.

Product Features:

Chico Amino Acid Organic fertilizer is a series of products with wide adaptability, which is applied national patent technology, according to the current soil condition and the characteristics of crop fertilizer, it not only contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, silicon and other nutrient elements, but also contains rich organic matter, amino acid. Combination of organic and inorganic, both inorganic fertilizer, readily availability, and longer with organic fertilizer, and effects of the amino acids and trace elements, not only can increase crop yield, but also promote the growth of crops, reduce plant diseases and insect pests, activation soil, improving soil fertility, doing basic fertilizer and fertilizer for crops, compared with the other compound fertilizer has the following marked characteristics.








Organic matter




Amino acid












High Balance Nutrient & Blue Suspension Macro-Element Liquid Fertilizer


Product Description:

This series of products is CHICO BIOTECH macro-element liquid fertilizer series (suspension), which has the following advantages:

Excellent craftsmanship: exquisite materials, high utilization rate, easy to be absorbed by crops;

Various kinds: wide range of uses, significant yield increase, and can meet the nutritional needs of various crops;

Comprehensive nutrients: easy to use, comprehensive nutrients, and significant fertilizer effects.


Product Feature:

1 Provide crops with nutrients that can be directly absorbed and utilized. The nutrients are fully water soluble and quickly absorbed, which can meet the nutrient requirements of the peak period of crop growth and development, expand the fruit, strengthen the root, enhance the color, and improve the taste and appearance of the fruit;


2 Stimulate the growth of the root system, improve the ability of the root system to absorb nutrients, promote flowers and fruits, which is benefical to the restoration of growth, the return of crops, and the enhancement of stress resistance;


3. Scientific nutrient distribution ratio, strengthen plant nutrient absorption and operation capacity, increase chlorophyll content, and increase dry matter accumulation.










Blue suspension   liquid


Company Profile

CHICO CROP SCIENCE CO., LTD is a high agro-tech company specialized in providing comprehensive nutrition for crops, seed treatment and systematic prevention and control of crop diseases, pests and weeds. Over the years, the Company has been committed to research of plant nutrition and agrochemical products as well as production and sales of related products, in order to achieve economical investment, environmentally friendly planting, and good harvest for global growers.


"Customized, green, economical and efficient" are the essentials of CHICO's philosophy of developing agriculture by science and technology. The unique understanding of and focus on agriculture is the fundamental source for CHICO to continuously innovate and promote related products. With years of experience in the plant protection industry, interpreting the needs of customers and growers, and cooperating with domestic and foreign research institutes, laboratories, and raw material producers, CHICO has developed a series of finished products and solutions that meet various planting needs of different customers. CHICO will always work together with global partners and growers and strive to build a green Earth with good harvest.


CHICO Crop Science Co., Ltd.

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