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Market Trend of Potassium Chloride

release time:2020-10-10


Before the festival, the price of potassium chloride in the border trade market dropped slightly. Until now, there is still a certain phenomenon of hanging upside down, that is, the quotations of importers are on the high side collectively, and the quotations of 62% Belorussia potassium ports are 1700-1750 RMB (ton price, the same below), while the quotations of middlemen are generally low, about 1700 RMB. What's the situation? Don't worry. In addition to the superficial price fluctuation, we should also know about the trading situation: first of all, the importers quoted the pre-sale price of the source of goods in October. Although the quotation rose again, they all indicated that there was no sales pressure. Secondly, the sales of distributors improved after a small reduction.


This round of rebound of potassium chloride should have entered the second stage. The first stage is that the port white potassium rises from less than 1800 RMB to 2000 RMB. This stage is to let the buyer accept the fact of price increase. Now, the second stage is from 2000 RMB to 2100 RMB. This stage is the stage when middlemen accept the fact of price increase and produce expectations. Will it There is a third stage. How high will potassium chloride reach before it comes to an end?

In the face of strong potassium chloride, it is suggested that users should guard against the price rebound of winter storage and spring ploughing. Factory customers should make purchase time and quantity plans according to their own production needs and product premium, and distributors should learn from urea traders' experience.