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CAC Awards

CAC Awards

 Selection of “CAC Awards 2020”

China's fertilizer industry is currently in the period of transformation and upgrading. With the final implementation of the 2020 zero-growth action plan for fertilizer use, the production and application of chemical fertilizers are gradually decreasing, and the production and application of new fertilizers are increasing year by year. According to the needs of industry development, CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry will conduct the CAC Awards" selection activity. It is hoped that through this activity, the company's industry status, technological innovation, market expansion capabilities and future development potential will be fully demonstrated. The details of this selection are as follows:

1.Name of award: Fertilizer Enterprise with International Influential Brands

   Applicants: related enterprises in the fertilizer industry in China and abroad;

2.Name of Award: 2019 Oversea Market Expansion Award

   Applicants: All enterprises that are engaged in the exportation of fertilizers and relevant industries; 

3.Name of Award: CAC2020 Recommended Suppliers

   Applicants: All Exhibitors of CAC2020; 

Requirements for Applicants

1) The applicant shall be legally registered and established; 

2) The applicant is clear of intellectual property disputes; 

3) The applicant shall not have had any major security, environmental protection and quality 


4) The applicant is not stuck in any serious trade dispute or product quality dispute both at home and abroad. Any complaint against relevant disputes from the client to the Organizing Committee of CAC 2020, once it is investigated to be true, will deprive the applicant concerned of its qualification for the selection and its result in the selection. All consequences hence caused will be undertaken by the applicant concerned. 

Selection Procedures

1) Application: Application shall follow the principle of willingness. 

2) Assessment: A comprehensive assessment will be carried out in accordance with the participating enterprises’ exportation to the overseas market, expansion of the overseas market, independent brand construction, fertilizers registration as well as their participation in professional overseas exhibitions; 

Application Requirements

Enterprises having the intention to participate in the selections shall fill out Attached Application Forms prior to January 6th, 2020;

Entry Fees: free of charge 

Selection Result: The selection result will be ceremoniously released worldwide by the 

Organizing Committee in the following ways. 

 1) Before prize presentation, CAC 2020 Organizing Committee will publicize the selection widely through extensive specialized media to increase the attention of the selection;

 2) During the Opening Banquet of CAC 2020, the Organizing Committee will hold a ceremonious award ceremony;

 3) During CAC 2020, the Organizing Committee will place giant billboards in conspicuous positions to publicize the selection result; 

 4) During CAC 2020, the Organizing Committee will open a special column in Show Daily, the official media of CAC, to publicize the selection intensively; 

 5) The Organizing Committee will open a special column for the selection in E-News, an official electronic magazine of CAC2020, to publicize the selection widely;

 6) The Organizing Committee will open a special column on the official website of CAC2020 to publicize the selection widely; 

 7) The Organizing Committee will recommend and publicize the special of the selection through CAC 2020 Global Satellite Exhibition;

 8) The Organizing Committee will open a special column for the selection in LinkedIn (CAC Ag Online, CAC Show, Fshow), CAC WeChat etc.

For any outstanding issue, please contact

 Terry Zhao

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    1.Application Form of Fertilizer Enterprise with International Influential Brands

    2.Oversea Market Expansion Award Selection Application Form 

    3.Application Form of CAC2020 Recommended Suppliers Selection