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Fight Fakes Of Fertilizer, Identify Cocoly Brand

release time:2020-05-19

In 2013, Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Co., Ltd. created a new category of fertilizer, granular water-soluble fertilizer. As the founder, cocoly company has been leading the development of this category and has a high reputation at home and abroad.


Focusing on only one product for many years, cocoly constantly improves technology and quality of the product which has been recognized by the farmers.


But, as the promotion of cocoly, there are many companies imitates in the domestic market. And there are also many imitations in other countries. It has seriously affected the benefits of customers and users. 


So we worked with a team of professional lawyers to set up an anti-counterfeiting office to fight fakes. Its duty is to maintain healthy competition in the market, ensure the steady development of Cocoly brand


We also remind the consumers, when you buy granular water-soluble fertilizer, please identify an authentic cocoly brand.


Following “The Belt and Road” policy, cocoly fertilizer company has been exported to 22 countries, such as, Egypt, Turkey, India, Libya, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, Pakistan, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. Therefore, cocoly won the honorary title of Top 10 Exporters Of China Fertilizer.


COCOLY--The Founder of Granular water soluble fertilizer


The first granular water-soluble fertilizer in the world was invented in 2013, which initiated a new category in the field of fertilizer and changed the history that the traditional water soluble fertilizers are in shape of liquid or powder.

Cocoly is the founder of granular water soluble fertilizer which is abundant in nutrition and is fully soluble. It contains all nutritive elements required by plants in their whole growth cycle and the rate of absorption and utilization can be up to above 90%.





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