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Spider Mite Sniper—COOSATM Bio Fertilizer

release time:2020-05-20

Spider Mite SniperCOOSATM Bio Fertilizer

For a long time, the spider mites have been one of the most common pests attacking fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees, theydamage the leaves, stems, flowers and other tissues of plants by piercing plant tissues and suckingjuices. As a result, the crops suffer from yellowing leaves, defoliation and eventually death. At the same time, spider mitesare also the carrier for the spread of some crop diseases. Over the long history of crop cultivation, crop growers have used bothpesticides and natural enemies to fight the spider mites. Pesticideswould easily lead to residue and resistance, damage to fruits and leaves, environmental pollution, ecological hazards. Natural enemies of mites are not efficient in killing mites completely. Therefore, it has become a huge challenge for global growers to find an effective and safe way to control the spider mites.  1590030173755538.jpgCOOSA,aPioneering Bio Fertilizerdevelopedby Chico Crop Science Co., Ltd., has become a blessing for growers since its first launch in the market. 

Chico Crop Science Co., Ltd., is a national high-tech enterprise in China, offering full nutrition to crops, seed treatment and the systematic control of pests, diseases and weeds. Over the years, CHICO has helped many growers to reduce costs in agricultural production and to achieve green and ecological farming with efficiency and environmental benefits. COOSA is such a greenproduct thatcan effectively eliminates mites like the red spiderwithin 10 minutesafter application, the prevention and control rate can reach 97.6% with no resistance arising.


10 minutes after treatment with COOSA: Adult mites


24 hours after treatment with COOSA: Adult mites


24 hours after treatment with COOSA: Eggs of mites

COOSA is a multi-functional fertilizer that has a significant effect against the red spider, yellow spider, rust spider, aphids and whiteflies etc.It contains unique bacterial strains and biological stimulants. The mode of action is that,the unique bacterial strains in COOSA are capable of producing extraspore active protein (lipase) which can quickly dissolve and destroy the wax on the surface of mites body,withsynergistic action of multiple efficient biological stimulants, the mites become deactivated, shocked, dehydrated, and irreversibly damaged eventually.

COOSA is rich in a variety of humic acids, peptides, and many beneficial trace elements such as Zn, Mn, Mg, Fe, Mo and Boron. It can regulate the sub-health condition of crops, reduce leaf yellowing and premature senescence of crops, and increase the chlorophyll content to greatly improve the yield. With complete water solubility, comprehensive nutrition and fast absorption by crops, COOSA is a high-quality drip irrigation and foliar fertilizer.

COOSA has three majorfeatures in controlling pests: 1. Fast Knock; 2. Zero-Pesticide; 3. No Resistance.

COOSA also has three features when used as fertilizer: 1. Maximize crop quality and yield; 2. Increase nutrient uptake efficiency; 3. Improve crop stress tolerance.

COOSA is starting a new era of fighting mites with bio fertilizer instead of pesticides, and it has creatively solved the problem of mites controltogether with crop nutrition supplement for global growers.

COOSA has been tested and marketed successfully in some countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa in the past, the feedback from local growers and distributors has been fantastic, to serve more growers worldwide, Chico is looking for global partners to work together, aiming for a better and green solution to the plant protection.


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