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Seaweed Essence Rooting, Root Strengthening and Growth Promoting

release time:2020-05-21
Seaweed Essence Rooting, Root Strengthening and Growth Promoting

Why can seaweed essence take root?
1. Seaweed can absorb 440000 times more nutrients than its own volume. Seaweed has developed root system and strong ability to absorb nutrients. According to scientific research, algal auxin has the function of stimulating crop root development. The content of auxin in seaweed essence is high. It can take root and strengthen root after use.


2. Seaweed extract can improve the internal pore space of soil, coordinate the proportion of solid, liquid and gas in the soil, restore the natural colloid balance lost due to excessive soil burden and chemical pollution, increase the biological activity of soil, promote the release of available nutrients, and improve the resistance of crops to adversity and stubble. The improvement of soil environment is beneficial to the growth of root system.

3. The seaweed iodine and betaine in seaweed extract can enhance the resistance of root system to the bad environment, thus protecting root system and promoting root growth.
Why can seaweed extract promote growth and increase production?


1. Seaweeds in the ocean grow very fast. For example, it only takes a few months for giant algae to grow from one inch long seedlings to tens of meters long seaweeds. Therefore, seaweeds contain a large number of active substances that can promote growth and increase production, such as seaweed cytokinins, plant endogenous auxin, etc., which can promote the cell division and growth of plants, activate the growth potential of crops, and induce α - deposition in plants The formation of farinase can stimulate the production of non-specific active factors in plants, accelerate the growth of crops and increase the yield.

2. Seaweeds can absorb nutrients equivalent to 440000 times of their own volume of seawater, and have more comprehensive nutrients than terrestrial plants. Crop growth is balanced after application, and there is little deficiency of nutrients, which is beneficial to increase production.


3.Because of the lack of illumination on the sea floor, the photosynthesis of seaweed is stronger than that of land plants, and the photosynthesis of leaves is enhanced after the application of crops. When the light is low, the ability of absorbing and transforming nutrients is enhanced, the crops grow fast and yield is high.

4.The high salt environment of sea water makes the seaweed contain salt and alkali resistant factors. After the use of seaweed extract, the resistance of crops to salt and alkali land and stubble land will be enhanced, the growth will not be affected, and the yield will increase naturally.

5. The sea water does not freeze at zero degree, which makes the seaweed have the ability to grow below zero degree. It contains the factor of low temperature resistance. After crops are used, the ability of low temperature resistance is enhanced and the yield is increased.


6. The sea water has huge pressure, and the destruction of waves and currents is amazing. The seaweed in the sea water can grow normally in the bad environment, which shows that seaweed has strong resistance. After crops are used, it can improve the resistance to the bad weather, so as to increase the output.