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A unique organic copper fungicide with dual mode of action

release time:2020-05-21


A unique organic copper fungicide with dual mode of action


For a long time, bacterial diseases have brought severely damage to variouscrops planting, and copper based fungicides have been the major and effective solutions against the diseases. There are quite some copper fungicides available in the market including inorganic and organic ones, while most of them are restricted in practical application for causing phytotoxicity or unsatisfying result, due to the possible improper dosage or application period. Is there such an environmental-friendly copper fungicide with excellent efficacy, safe in application, economic and practical that you can find?The answer is affirmative.


Focusing on plant protection products R&D and application, Chico has brought to the global market a unique organic copper fungicide-CALIBURTM, with independent intellectual property right and exclusively manufacturing.CALIBURTM has been registered for 15 diseases on 12 crops in China, and practically it has been used for more than 60 crops against 30 more diseases with almost no restrictions andoutstanding result. The product has been awarded as “National Key New Product” by Ministry of Science and Technology of China and State Economic and Trade Commission of China, and“High-Tech Product” Science Technology Department of Province, it also has been awarded the first prize for technology invention by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association.


CALIBURTM has both systemic treatment and prevention function, it has special efficacy against bacterial diseases of crops like rice, fruit trees, vegetables and others, which is better than most existing fungicides, and also it’s highly effective against fungal diseases.



Unique Advantagesof CALIBURTM

Ø  Unique mechanism:Featuring dual bactericidal mechanism, it hasnot only the thiazole groups with uniquetherapeutic effecton bacteria, but also hascopper ions with excellent preventionfunction on bacteria andfungi, so the efficacy is obviously better than usual bacterial fungicides.

Ø  High safety: It has an extremely low toxicity (LD50>5050mg/kg), and can be used in all growth stages of crops under usual concentrations.It is safe for human, livestock, fish, birds, bees, silkworms and natural enemies, with low residue and no pollution to the environment.It can be mixed with most pesticides.

Ø  Highefficiency: Featuring excellent performance, fast action, and strong systemic conductivity (can be used for root treatment), it has an excellent protection (prevention) and treatment effect.At the usual dosage, thedurationof efficacy can last 10-14 days.

Ø  Broad spectrum:It has special efficacyagainst bacterial diseases andhighefficacyagainst fungal diseases. It can be used against 30 more diseases for various crops.

Ø  Advanced technology:Featuring ultrafine suspension concentrate, it has highsuspensibility, good dispersibility and strong adhesion.

Ø  Noneresistance:It can be used throughout the year, without causing pests like red spiders to re-emerge due to proliferation.It will not occur any resistance for repeated uses.

Ø  Synergism:Easy to be absorbed by crops, it can effectively supplement copper ions, promote crop growth, and make leaves green, which will make harvested fruits and vegetables brightly colored, and their quality significantly improved.



Featuresof CALIBURTM

This product is a highly effective systemic and conductive fungicide. The chemical structureof CALIBURTMis ring-shaped, with the characteristics of high stability and efficacy, it is easier to enter the tissues of crops (systemic conduction).Under the action of enzymes in the crops, the ring-shaped structure breaks down to form copper ions and thiazole groups.


u  Thiazole groups are highly effective therapeutic agents in plants.

When thiazole groups enter plant's pitted vessel, bacteria will be severely damaged.It makes the plant’s cell wall becoming thinner and then disintegrated, thus causing the death of bacteria.Some of the bacteria in the othertwo vessels in the plant (spiral vessel and annular vessel) are affected, with their cells not dividing, and thus the disease is controlled.

u  Copper ions have both fungicidal and bactericidal effects.

The copper ion in CALIBURTM is exchanged with the cations (H +, K +, etc.) on the surface of the cell membrane of pathogens, causing the protein to coagulate and kill the pathogens.Some copper ions penetrate into pathogens cell and combine with certain enzymes to disturb their activity, leading to dysfunction and the death of pathogens.


In a word, with the combined action of the two groups, CALIBURTMcan treat bacteria and fungal diseases more thoroughly with excellent efficacy, broad spectrum and long duration.



u  Apply with fine spray of 500 times dilution with water for general crops and spray the leaves wet;coarse spray or pouring at the base with 500-800 times dilutionwithwater for root or soil-borne diseases. Apply 1.5kg/ha for rice.

u  Application period:Taking early prevention is alwaysrecommended.Pouring or spray with 500 times dilution with water 7 days before transplanting.When transplanting, dip the root with 300 times solution. After transplanting, if the diseases are severe, apply every 7-10 days for 1-3 times in succession.

u  Secondary dilution method: Firstly stirring CALIBURTM with a small amount of water to make a concentrated solution, and then dilute it with more water as recommendation.

u  CALIBURTM is stable under acidic conditions, it can be mixed with various pesticides, acaricides, and fungicides, but it cannot be mixed with strong alkaline pesticides.


Aimingfor “Go green, Go harvest”,CHICO advocates comprehensive prevention and control of diseases, pests and weeds during the whole growing period of crops.Focusing on innovation,CHICO commits to helpgrowers to achieve harvest with professional treatment solution.




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