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release time:2020-10-10

Kailong, stated owned and a listed company, stock Code: 002783, originally the largest civil explosive equipment manufacturer and sales enterprise in Hubei Province, China, extends its business to four major civil explosion equipment sectors, chemical products sector, mining products sector, and engineering blasting service sector. 


Kailong Chuxing, mainly engaged in the production and sales of synthetic ammonia, methanol, ammonium bicarbonate, dilute nitric acid, ammonium nitrate solution, granular ammonium nitrate, porous ammonium nitrate, nitro compound fertilizer, urea-based compound fertilizer, and other chemical raw materials and products.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in our products especially nitro compound fertilizer.


Office: Room 1& 2, 9 / F, Unit 2, Building C, Lianxiang enterprise center, No. 11 Fenghuang Avenue, Canglongdao Sub-district, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

Factory: Jiangbei industrial park, Shuanghe Town, Zhongxiang City, Hubei, China

Contact person: 

Qinqin Lei:                                                                                 Gianna Wang: 

e-mail: 364950112@qq.com;                                                    e-mail: giannawang15@gmail.com

mobile:+8615827022255;                                                         whatsapp:+8613476150998;