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New industry benchmark | CITYMAX opens a new chapter with you

release time:2020-12-15


 Deepening positioning and open a new chapter

Working with you to create new quality agriculture

On December 12th, 2020, in Xi'an, the ancient capital of 13 dynasties with a strong historical and cultural background, with the topic "FORESIGHT AND FUTURE", CITYMAX Group China Market Launch Meeting was successfully held. When CITYMAX Group was keenly aware of the huge demand for biostimulants in the domestic market, they decided to develop the domestic market, build channels, establish a team, and open up the Chinese market. This decision is also destined to open a new era of biostimulants! 


 First stop:Innovation factory,Based on quality and looking to the future              



CITYMAX Group Innovation Factory Site,Yongshou County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province

We came to the innovation factory at the first stop. Liu Ying, the general manager of the CITYMAX Group Innovation Factory, said " Citymax is creating biostimulant products with international thinking and industry-leading technology. We are confident that CITYMAX’s new innovation factory will become an industry benchmark!" These words were impassioned and inspiring. This is not only the idea of Mr. Liu, but also the goal of our entire CITYMAX people. I believe that with the improvement of the production level of domestic agricultural fertilizer industry, more and more made in China are going to the international market, so that farmers all over the world can enjoy Citymax products.








Second Stop :Citymax China Marketing Launch Conference

                   Exported to 55 countries around the world

Opening the Chinese market in 2021 and building an industry benchmark

As a global company, Citymax is committed to building a global industry based on serving the world. In recent years, with the development of local economy, consumers’ demand for agricultural products has also been escalating. Agricultural production has been oriented towards increasing production and shifting to quality improvement. At the same time, it can stimulate biological potential, promote the healthy development of crops, increase production and quality of agricultural products. Biostimulant products are also rapidly increasing, and there is huge space for market development.


With mature technology and products, Citymax returns with good reputation

Biostimulant products are gradually moving from Europe and the United States to China. Domestic and foreign companies have focused on the Chinese market. On December 12th, Citymax China Marketing Launch Conference was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi. The difference between Citymax and the imported biostimulant brand is that this is a truly domestic brand made in China, with independent intellectual property formulas, and has a far-reaching influence in the industry. Its products are exported to 55 countries around the world and owned an international reputation.



Xin Jingshu, Chief Expert of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center


Xiong Sijian, Secretary-General of China Biostimulant Development Alliance


Cai Zhiwen, Founder of Caitou Agriculture


Zhang Bin, CEO of Citymax


Liu Ying, General Manager of Citymax


Tu Xiaoman, Sales Director of Citymax

Thanks to Xin Jingshu, Chief Expert of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, Xiong Sijian, Secretary-General of China Biostimulant Development Alliance, Cai Zhiwen, Founder of Caitou Agriculture, Zhang Bin, CEO of Citymax, Liu Ying, General Manager of Citymax, Tu Xiaoman, Sales Director of Citymax, etc. Sharing and witnessing with excellent distributors and industry media from all over the country. Citymax China Marketing Launch Conference was successfully held!

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