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Nanoparticles as Nanofertilizers

release time:2022-01-11


Source of the picture: VCG


Key words of the passage: nanofertilizer; nutrient; agriculture; shortage

Nanoparticles are small molecules whose sizes range between 1-100nm and possess many dynamic physical, chemical, thermal, optical, magnetic, and biological properties. These particles have a large surface-to-volume ratio, and their physicochemical properties differ from the bulk materials. Scientists have applied nanoparticles in various disciplines of science and technology, including agriculture.


The development of nanofertilizers has played a major role in supporting sustainable agriculture. Nanofertilizers are classified into three categories, i.e., macro, micro, and nanoparticulate fertilizers.


Nanofertilizers come in different forms, such as nanopowder, nanocapsules, and nanoemulsions. These fertilizers provide nutrients to plants in an available form and enhance their productivity and quality. Some of the key features of nanofertilizers that help to resolve nutrient shortages are described below:


Provide suitable nutrients for increasing plant growth via foliar and soil applications.

Developed cost-effectively and are regarded as a sustainable source of plant nutrients.

Help prevent pollution.


These are applied either via the soil or foliar application. Foliar application of nanofertilizers is the most efficient method that balances nutrient deficiencies and improves crop yield and quality, effectively decreasing the quantity of fertilizer used. Researchers have reported that nanoparticles greater than 10 nm can penetrate via stomata. These fertilizers are regarded as smart delivery systems owing to their high absorption capability and greater surface-to-volume ratio. Nanocarriers can deliver important metabolites or nutrients to a specific site at an appropriate time. 

Source: AZO Nano