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How LEILI’s crop nutrition technology significantly improves durian quality in Malaysia

release time:2023-10-24

This article shows you the power of LEILI’s crop nutrition technologies on durian in Malaysian Crown Durian Ecological Farm.

The 18.7-ha Crown Durian Ecological Park in Upper Perak, Malaysia, primarily grows Black Thorn and Musang King durians. Musang King durians are smaller, usually weight between 1.6-3 kg, with greyish-green skin and a distinct pentacle at the bottom. Their flesh is usually bright golden yellow, with a delicate taste, less fibrous, and slightly bitter. 


Musang King durian

Musang King durian growers often face challenges like low fruit set rates and frequent pest and pathogen outbreaks. The saying goes, "pests in drought, pathogens in rain." Pest and pathogen damage affects durian tree growth and even leads to their death.



LEILI Balanced Agri-tech System effectively improves fertilizer use efficiency, enhances crop immunity and resistance, reduces chemical fertilizer and pesticide use, improves yield and quality, reduces carbon emissions, builds an agri-ecological environment, and improves profit for farmers.



Base application: Algasoil seaweed organic granular fertilizer improves soil structure, increases beneficial microbe population, and promotes root and plant health.

Drip irrigation for all growth stages: Alga600 + SoftGuard + RootMost for all growth stages.

Budding stage: Foliar spray LEILI2000 + SoftGuard + Algreen to break dormancy and promote branch and bud growth.


For budding and young trees: They strengthen root development, budding and increase plant resilience and surviving rate to 80%.

Flowering stage: Foliar spray LEILI2000 + Alga600+ ProBoron to effectively balance nutritional and reproductive growth, improving flower quality and fruit set rate.

Fruit set, fruit growth, and harvest: Foliar spray Amica and SoftGuard to activate the tree's immune system, improving resistance to pests and pathogens while reducing pathogen outbreaks and improving internal and external fruit quality.


  3.5-year-old Musang King Durian tree has entered the reproduction stage

High fruit set rate, uniform fruit size, good fruit shape, average 1.5 kg of fruit weight


Durian quality harvested from 6 to 7-year-old trees

Plump flesh, small core, smooth texture, sweet taste, 70% grade A produce

(Note: The fertilization mentioned above is for reference only. Growers may adjust application rates based on crop stages, local soil conditions, yield goals, actual organic fertilizer use, and application practices. Unmentioned nutrient products can be used as needed. Please e-mail LEILI Technical Service at overseas@leili.com for more information.)

With the support of LEILI's crop nutrient solutions, despite Malaysia's warm and humid climate, the Crown Durian Ecological Park has low pathogen and pest occurrence rate. Their durian’s immunity has been greatly strengthened, and the trees have vigorous growth. The pesticide use is reduced. They have achieved 70% grade A produce. 

source: LEILI