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The CEO of the International Fertilizer Association emphasized the crucial role of Asia-potash International in upholding global food security

release time:2024-07-08

On July 1, a delegation of senior representatives from the International Fertilizer Association (IFA), led by Ms. Alzbeta Klein, CEO and Director General, and Mr. Patrick, Deputy General Manager, conducted a visit to the potash salt production facility of Asia-Potash International Investment (Guangzhou)Co., Ltd (000893.SZ) in Khammouan Province, Laos. IFA is globally recognized as one of the largest and most influential associations within the fertilizer industry. The visit to Asia-potash International marks its third stop on IFA's international tour of potash companies. In the latter half of 2023, IFA also visited Nutrien, Mosaic and other renowned global potash plants. Ms. Klein emphasized that "As Laos' primary producer of potash fertilizer, Asia-potash International has successfully overcome early-stage challenges such as capital investment and technology constraints to achieve substantial growth and ensure stable production of high-quality potash products, it is a development with significant implications for global food security." This recognition from an esteemed international association underscores that Chinese-backed enterprise Asia-potash International is rapidly ascending within the global potash market landscape; it signifies a transition from regional leadership to becoming a prominent player on the world stage.


For close to a century until now, IFA has served as a leading authority within the global fertilizer industry, with an unwavering commitment towards advancing efficient and responsible production practices, while consistently promoting sustainable agricultural systems that contribute to addressing hunger and malnutrition. This is aimed at ensuring food security across Asia as well as globally. At present, IFA has nearly 500 members covering more than 80 countries, and it represents various facets of the fertilizer industry's supply chain – from upstream practitioners such as traders & service providers to downstream entities like manufacturers & technology firms along with research institutions & consulting bodies – IFA encompasses a diverse array of stakeholders including established industry leaders alongside pioneering startups. Notably among its core members are major players like Nutrien, Mosaic, Yara, BASF, etc. while Asia-potash International formally became an accredited member in February 2023.

In recent years, Asia-potash International has been accelerating its development with the strategic goal of becoming a world-class potash fertilizer supplier. The company is actively exploring domestic and foreign markets while establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with internationally renowned fertilizer manufacturers and traders. Simultaneously, it has further strengthened brand building and marketing by establishing subsidiaries in international markets, hosting and participating in international exhibitions to enhance global brand awareness and influence. Liu Yonggang, vice president of Asia-potash International, stated that the company will utilize IFA as a global cooperation and exchange platform to maintain closer contact and cooperation with global fertilizer traders and service providers. This approach aims to steadily advance the internationalization process while further consolidating the company's continuous and stable supply chain system. In addition, it seeks to strengthen the value and resilience of the industrial chain continuously. Moving forward, it will deepen cooperation with IFA in market development, sales service, data cooperation, information sharing, industry research among other aspects.

Ms. Klein emphasized,” the Asian regions, particularly Southeast Asia and East Asia, are experiencing a significant surge in agriculture, making them prime areas for increased fertilizer application in the future. Asia-potash International has a significant location advantage, with the continuous enhancement of production capacity, its competitiveness in terms of supply capacity and transportation distance will become increasingly prominent, Laos Potash Fertilizer is further strengthening the foundation of global potash supply and food security. Zheng Youye, vice president of Asia-potash International expressed that the company's commitment is to collaborate with IFA to address global climate challenges and safeguard agricultural production and food security.