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Chemexpo Philippines 2018 will be held on 28-30 Aug., 2018

release time:2018-08-09

Concurrent Activities 


28, August, 2018, Opening Ceremony 11:00 Am-12:00Am


1. Welcome Speech ---Vice Minister, Philippines Ministry of Trade and Industry

2. Welcome Speech —Director of General, Philippines Economic Zones Authority

3. Welcome Speech –Mr. Dennis, President of Philippines Chemical Manufacturers & Industry Association

4. Welcome Speech—Mr. Kimson Kua , Philippines Association of Chemicals Suppliers Industry

5. Welcome Speech—Mrs. Ma Chunyan, Vice President of CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry



CHEMEXPO Chemical Seminar----Round Table Business Matching Program

 28, August, 2018, Venue: World Trade Center Conference Room 12:00PM—3:00PM

 Seminar Speech:

l  Philippine Chemical Industry Development and Prospect

Mr. Dennis, President of SPIK— Philippines Chemical Manufacturers and Industry Association


l  Philippine Chemical retails system and its main products

Speaker from PACSI-- Philippines Association of Chemical Suppliers Industry


l  The Investment and Distribution in Philippines of India Chemical manufacturers

Speaker from PICC – Philippines India Chamber of Commerce and Industry


l  The Philippines Pesticide and Fertilizer management Policy and Situation

Mr. Roldan, President of Philippines Fertilizer and Pesticide Administration


l  Business Matching Participants Groups (B TO B Matching Program)

A60 persons from

1.         Members from Philippines Association of Chemical Suppliers Industry

2.         Members from Philippines Association of Chemical Manufacturers and Industry

B30-50 persons from

   World Trade Center Business Club members

C10-20 persons from

   Philippines India Chamber of Commerce & Industry

DExhibitors of CHEMEXPO Philippines

   Every Exhibitor will have 5 minute introduction speech in English or Chinese Translation of Company and Products, 2-4 Slides presentation are allowed.


 Simply lunch, Tea and Coffee, Food are served

 Attendee: SPIK members, PACSI members, PICC members, and CCPIT exhibitors


Conference on Philippine Investment situation and Policy    29.08 2018


Time: 10:30AM-12:00PM 29, August, 2018 World Trade Center Conference Room


 Organized by Philippines Economic Zone Authority (PEZA, is a government corporation attached to the Ministry of Trade and Industry)


 Content: Presenting Foreigners Investment, Incentive, Trade in Philippines, and Industry Zone situation in Philippines.


 Attendee:  All the Visitors and Exhibitors




CHEM PHILIPPINES Conference / SPIK members Annual Meeting 


Full Day 29.08.2018


Organized by SPIK, Philippine Chemical Manufacturers & Industry Association


Content: SPIK Members Meeting, Environmental Protection, Registration, Safety, investment


Attendee:  All SPIK Members, Government manager, EHS experts.


Registration fee will be charged, Tea and coffee, food provided. 

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