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World Bank: Agriculture, Cereal Export Prices Are Stabilizing

release time:2022-09-13




Key words of the passage: agriculture; price; stable; food

A recent World Bank report argues that global agricultural exports are giving promising signals despite the continued and looming high inflation-driven global crisis.


While price inflation in Morocco continues to break records, a recent report from the World Bank argues that agricultural and cereal export prices have started showing signs of stabilizing worldwide.


Despite showing moderate signs of easing, price shocks are still driving inflation high, with inflation levels being especially high in low and middle-income countries, including Morocco, the report indicates.


It also argues that high inflation is currently creeping its way to even high-income countries, which were previously thought to be immune to inflationary trends.


In Morocco, data compiled by the World Bank shows the alarming trend of rising inflation over the past five months. The country’s inflation figures broke through the 5% threshold in February, maintaining an upward trajectory for five months in a row and reaching 10.6% in June.


Source: Morocco World News