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Do you need a CE mark for your biostimulant or fertilizer?

release time:2023-02-24


Fertilizing Product Regulation (EU) n°2019/1009 is one of the most recent, major, European initiatives to promote sustainable and resilient agricultural practices.


It promotes greater recycling and re-use of materials related to plant nutrition and soil fertility, as part of the EU’s Circular Economy package – you can read the viewpoint of Eurofins' regulatory experts on the potential impact of the new regulation here. Eurofins Agroscience Services supports the Biostimulant Industry with a comprehensive services package, providing a full range of services from early product development and field studies through to regulatory compliance needed to access the market.


Since entry into force of the FPR regulation, fertilizer and biostimulant products obtaining (or maintaining) a CE mark will be authorized in all EU member states.


Eurofins Certification (part of the Eurofins group of companies), a third party independent and accredited certification body, has been successful in its application to become a notified body designated by the European Union to assess the conformity of fertilizer products according to CE requirements.


Eurofins Certification has 20 years’ experience under relevant ISO 17065 accreditation, which underlines the compliance and the efficiency of the boundaries for (un)acceptable interests, strictly avoiding conflicting interests influencing or perceived as influencing the decision-making process. Appropriate measures have been implemented to provide this new service as a notified body and they were audited successfully by the authorized accreditation body (Cofrac) in December 2022. Additionally, on February 15th, authorized French authorities approved their submission for becoming a Notified Body and are currently notifying the European commission as required by the EU regulation. They confirmed they are to date, the first company to have committed themselves to the process in France.


Source: Eurofins

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