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FSHOW Conference

China International Fertilizer Development and Trade Forum 

CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry will hold the "2020 China International Fertilizer Development and Trade Forum" in Shanghai from February 23-25, 2020. This forum is one of the important events of "China International Fertilizer Show (FSHOW)". It is held once a year and is supported by more than 500 domestic and foreign fertilizer exhibitors, as well as professional recognition and industry experts from more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The three-day forum will be divided into three major sections, fertilizer development and fertilizer trade, development and application of bio-stimulants, potassium fertilizer market exchange, and development and application of functional fertilizers, including four theme forums and six sub-theme forums. 

This forum will focus on the introduction of the global fertilizer market, the brand construction of fertilizer companies, and the agricultural situation of the belt and road countries. At the same time, it will analyze the latest development of global bio-stimulants and standard construction, and explore functions from plant roots, foliage, and fruits. Nutritional solutions for fertilizers.

 The forum will build an information exchange platform for the industry at home and abroad, strengthen the industry-university-research cooperation in the field of fertilizers, implement the country's overall requirements for sustainable development of green, healthy and agricultural agriculture, and build a professional, market-oriented, and internationalized comprehensive communication and learning platform. A feast of ideas for the fertilizer industry. The relevant matters are notified as follows: 

1.    Organization 

Organizer:       CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry

Co-Organizer:  Reubans Bio-Tech(Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

Supporters: Potash Fertilizer Branch of CISIA

China Bio-stimulants Development Alliance


2.    General Information 

Date: 23-25 Feb, 2020

Language: English & Chinese (Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided in part of the forums) 




China International   Fertilizer Development and Trade Forum

23rd   Feb


Theme Forum- China International   Fertilizer Development and Trade Forum

Four Points  Sheraton Hotel Shanghai,   Pudong


Parallel Forum

International Fertilizer Trade and “Belt and Road”   Agricultural Cooperation

Bio-stimulants   Development and Application Forum

Potash and Potash Fertilizer   Industry Exchange Conference

FSHOW Functional   Fertilizer Development and Application Forum

24th   Feb


Fertilizer and Root Growth Forum

Conference Zone, Hall W3, SNIEC


Crop Foliar Nutrition Forum

25th   Feb


Forum on Plant Nutrition and   Fruit Color Turning


Forum on Fertilizer   Additives and Synergists

 3.    Calling for Papers 

FSHOW Conference 2020 accepts online submissions, including but not limited to the following topics: plant nutrition physiology, crop yield physiology, plant stress physiology, plant rhizosphere nutrition, soil nutrient availability, innovative fertilizer production technology, fertilizer science and modern fertilization technology, precision nutrients management, digital agriculture, etc. Please send the report to fshow@vip.163.com by January 20, 2020, and the selected reports will be published in the FSHOW Conference 2020 conference proceedings. 

International   Fertilizer Development and Trade  Forum

Theme   Reports---------Global Fertilizer Development Outlook
  09:00-12:00 23rd Feb, 2020  
  Sheraton Hotel, Pudong ,Shanghai


70 Years’ Development and Future Prospects of China's   Fertilizer Industry
  ——Mr. Li Shousheng, Chairman of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry   Federation


Current Status and Future Prospects of Fertilizer   Development in the World

——Dr. Zhang Weifeng, Professor of China Agricultural   University


Precision Agriculture Technology and Equipment and   Efficient Nutrient Management

—— Prof. Liu Jifang, Agriculture Information   Institute of China Academy of Agriculture Sciences(CAAS)


                                                Coffee     Break


Research Progress and Development Trend of New   Fertilizers in China and Abroad

——Prof. Zhao Binqiang, Chief Scientist of Agricultural   Resources and Regional Planning of CAAS


Nutritional Control of Plant Diseases: the   Relationship Between Mineral Nutrients and Plant Diseases

——Prof. Bai Youlu, Boarding Director of China Plant   Nutrients and Fertilizer Society


Current status and development trends of potash and   medium and micro fertilizer industries in China

——Mr. Wang Xiaofeng, Chairman of China Inorganic   Salt Industry  Association

Three Parallel Forums--Global Market, Biostimulants,   Potash

13:30-17:30 23rd Feb,2020  Sheraton Hotel, Pudong   ,Shanghai

Parallel Forum A:

International Fertilizer Trade and “Belt and Road”   Agricultural Cooperation Forum


Future Markets: the Potential and Challenges of   African Agricultural Development

——Prof. Tang Lixia, Institute for South-South   Cooperation in Agriculture of China Agricultural University


Fertilizer Usage situation and products Analysis in   South Sahara Area

——Dr. Mohamed Helal , General Manager, Egypt GIZATEC   company


China's fertilizer enterprises "one belt and   one road" Fertilizer brand building

——Mr. Sun Rongjian, General Manager of Shandong   Cocoly Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.


Coffee     Break


The Current Situation of Agriculture and the   Registration Policy of Agrochemical Products in Myanmar

——Mrs.Hu Rongqing, General Manager ofMyanmar Bydo   Co., Ltd.


Current Situation and Distribution System of   Fertilizer in Europe

——Dr. Zhang Weifeng, Professor of China Agricultural   University


Palm and Durian Trees Planting and Fertilization Situation   in Malaysia

——Dr. Lam Hon Loong, Professor of University of   Nottingham, Malaysia


Insight Sharing- International Fertilizer Brand   Building and Major Obstacles to International Trade

Parallel Forum B: FSHOW   Bio-Stimulants Development and Application Forum


The Research Progress of Biostimulants and Related   Management System Analysis in the European Union

——Dr. Shang Zhaocong,   Director of China National Fertilizer Quality Inspection (Shanghai) Center


Development   Status and Market Outlook of Global Bio-stimulants

——Mr. Roger Tripathi, CEO of Global BioAG Linkages


Development and Application of Chito-oligosaccharide

——Prof. Du Yuguang, Institute of Process   Engineering, China Academy of Sciences


Coffee     Break


Seaweed Biological Properties and Applications of Seaweed   Bio- stimulant

——Reubans Bio-Tech(Beijing) Co.,Ltd.


Application of Biostimulator in immunity of Banana Wilt   in Philippines

——Dr. Harry Rajamannan, General Manager of   Philippines Agro-K Company


Endophytic Microbes as Bio-Stimulant

——Mr. Gunawan Sutio, SP. Chairman of the Indonesia Biological-Agroinput Association


Insight Sharing: Biostimulant   Development, Standardization Construction, Global Market Analysis

Parallel   Forum C: Potash   Industry Development Forum


International Potash Supply and Demand and its   Impact on the Domestic Potash Market

——Mr. Chen Shengnan, Assistant General Manager, Sinochem


Current   Status and Prospects of the Development of the Potash Industry


Scientific   and Technological Innovation for Comprehensive Development and Utilization of   Salt Lake Resources


Coffee     Break


Global   Potassium Chloride Market Review and Outlook


China's   Potash Industry Operation and Future Trends


Potash,   Medium and Micro Fertilizers and Agrochemical Services


Insight Sharing: Potash Fertilizer Development,   Global Market Forecast


Early   Bird Price

(before   12 Feb, 2020)

Standard   Price

(after 12   Feb, 2020)

US$ 350   /Person

US$ 400   /Person

*The above price   include conference materials, essays, simultaneous interpretation fees,   buffet lunch. Please complete registration and payment by February 18, 2020.

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